Periodical Review 20/16


Designed by David Wall, Conor Nolan and Jake Heavey at WorkGroup

Categories: Print / Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster / Art

Pallas Projects / Studios is an artist-run organisation dedicated to the facilitation of artistic production and discourse, via the provision of affordable artists studios in the city centre, and curated projects.

Periodical Review 20/16 is the latest in an annual survey of recent Irish art, selected in collaboration with invited curators/peers from around Ireland. This event is presented as part of Pallas Projects’ 20 year anniversary programme which looks to celebrate artist-run culture. Each year, the directors invite their peers – artists, writers, educators, curators – to review and subsequently nominate a number of art practices, selected via an editorial meeting.

Building on the print and identity we developed in 2011 – using a similar format to the one we devised for their exhibition catalogues – we designed a series of posters that double-up as flyers and exhibition guides. This edition includes a collection of essays, staple-bound into the folded poster.