Pikeman Brewing — Branding & Packaging Design


Designed by Barry Smith (Freelance) with Twelve and a Half

Steve Doogan: Illustration

Ian McCaffrey: Director, Producer, Writer

Frederik Tennholt: 3D CGI Artist

Categories: Promotional / Identity / Typeface / Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Founded in 2021 in Kinnitty, County Offaly, Pikeman Brewing produce a range of delicious craft beers including a Stout, Red Ale and Pale Ale.

Pikeman Brewing’s beers commemorate three local Kinnitty men—Johnny Daly, Jimmy Scully and Tom Curley. These heroes, under the nose of the local British landlord—Thomas Bernard of Kinnitty Castle—forged pikes as weapons for the Irish rebels in 1798. When their secret armoury was discovered, they were callously and mercilessly flogged for their defiance.

The bottles and cans of these iconic craft beers deserved a powerful, proud and defiant identity to reflect the strength and conviction of the three pikemen and all those who stood against the oppression of British rule in 1798. The brand created celebrates the legacy of these true Irish heroes, combining bespoke hand-drawn blackletter typography with beautiful, period correct-style illustrations by Steve Doogan and custom border detailing.

The branding adorns the craft beers as well as beer mugs and the end frame of a powerful and emotive commercial written, produced and directed by Ian McCaffrey. The pikemen’s defiance and urge to rebel against their shared oppression is beautifully captured in the commercial, which depicts them running towards the fight rather than shying away from it.

The legend of their rebellion deserved a deep look into the past to create something truly fitting for the brand, the torrid history endured by the pikemen and that of all of the Irish people who fought for freedom.