Place of Practice


Designed by Luke McLaughlin at Freelance

Tutor: Clare Bell

Tutor: Peter Maybury

Tutor: MaryAnn Bolger

Categories: Environmental

Industry: Cultural

During the research and writing of my undergraduate thesis I found the Skateboarding, Hip Hop and Graffiti subcultures in the U.K and the U.S share many cultural values but express them in different ways through their interaction with the environment they reside in or through the way in which they project their appearance of themselves to the wider public. The aim of this piece is to create a visual representation and documentation of the Skateboarding, Hip Hop and Graffiti subcultures in Dublin and how particular individuals within these subcultures interact with their environment. I conducted primary research in the form of interviews and photographs with a small pool of individuals who are a part of these subcultures in Dublin, photographing the individuals themselves, their environments and how they interact with these environments through different mediums. Next I plotted out where in Dublin these individuals were expressing or interacting with the environment, by doing so I have created a visual link between the cultural values of these subcultures and their expression of these values through their interaction with their environment. I chose to print onto glass as this project essentially took my thesis findings and used them as a lens through which I could conduct further primary research into these areas in Dublin as lenses are comprised of multiple glass elements.