Plantruption are conscious food producers who wanted to create a sustainable food product. One that works with the natural marine ecosystem on which we and other species depend on and one that is deteriorating more rapidly than ever. They chose to focus on seaweed, a plant that rapidly replenishes and is therefore a more sustainable food source. 

The “Irish seaweed Burger” was born and is their first product. We were tasked with designing the brand identity and packaging to match this ethos and attract a younger audience who are constantly on the look out for healthier food choices that are high in nutrients.

We chose an elegant serif font for the Plantruption logo and customised the lettering with a seaweed stem. The packaging was designed to represent the waves of the seaweed and ocean. The colours are vivid and inspired by the Marine environment. While the graphic elements all reinforce the healthy nature of the product. We also showed the seaweed large on pack to grab attention and set it apart from other vegetarian and vegan products on the market. The result is bold and vibrant.