Play House Studios are a startup production house who create playful and entertaining stories for film and television. Based in County Wicklow, they offer top quality post production, V/FX, compositing, motion graphics and sound engineering services to clients across the USA.

Being an entirely new company, they needed everything from the brand name up. With their mantra for always approaching work with an air of playful creativity, a bold and playful brand identity full of attitude was developed for the burgeoning production studio.

The key to the new identity lay in the brand name itself. It offered the perfect characters within to represent what they do on a daily basis. By using the play symbol to replace the ‘A’ in ‘PLAY’, their mantra is embedded right into their brand name.

But why stop there?

Their work is of a premium quality, which takes time to create. And so, the ‘PAUSE’ symbol was co-opted to represent their approach of quality-over-speed, neatly replacing the ‘H’ in ‘HOUSE’.

The highly creative team have decades of collective experience between them, which allows them to innovate on projects for their clients. The ‘RECORD’ symbol was repurposed as a nod to the experience they have gained and stored over their careers. It cleverly replaces the ‘O’ in ‘STUDIOS’.

The end result is an iconic brand identity that deftly conveys what the brand is all about. These ubiquitous icons were used to create a bold and eye-catching visual language and were used to create all manner of branded merchandise to build hype around their brand launch.

Play. Pause. Record.