Play Nice Studio - Set Design


Designed by Vivienne Quinn at Play Nice Studio

Photography: Kety Duran

Categories: Promotional / Object / Prop

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Art direction / Self Promotion / Prop

Play Nice is a creative studio that designs, builds and styles eye-catching immersive spaces for people and products. Their work is all about creating playful worlds of colour, so this was to be reflected in their branding and immersive website which launched in 2020.

The aim of the studio is to translate 2D design into 3D physical space, so to launch the studio around these aims the brand marks were laser cut and painted in the new colour palette and a set built around them. The resulting photoshoot is colourful, playful and reflects what the studio aims to do for their clients - create high quality photo assets which reinforce the brand values and connects with their audience.