Poetry as Commemoration


Designed by Gareth Jones

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

An initiative from UCD Library, Poetry as Commemoration is an all island project, which uses poetry as a means to deepen the collective understanding of Ireland's past. It seeks to explore the challenging period of history relating to the struggle for independence and Civil War.

A logo was needed as an identity for the project. The focus was on creating a logomark to represent the ideas of discovery, and interaction with the past through poetry. 

And so the logomark is a P. And a keyhole. Concentric lines recede; unlocking; drawing us back through history—an exploratory link to the past.

The typeface Dala Floda was used for the type. A classic serif but with stencil letterforms. With this there’s a sense of erosion, a sense of age. Fragments from the past are revealed to us and history comes into focus.