Designed by Deirdre Corcoran, Kieran Rigby and Therese McGuinness at Chapter.

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Website: polarisbrands.ie/

We were tasked with creating a brand identity for Polaris, an innovative outsourcing company that simultaneously/seamlessly manages the execution of consistent marketing campaigns and materials across multiple locations. Partnering with leading brands in retail, sports, FMCG & consumer products, we wanted their brand to live up to the same high standards as their clients.

Our process stemmed from the name of the brand itself. Polaris is the brightest star at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper. From the beginning of time, it has remained in the same location in the sky all year round, making it a shining beacon of navigation for humanity. This context was the basis for the logomark but also influenced the minimal colour palette, with a pop of vibrant yellow against deep, dark greys. The palette also allows Polaris' work to become the hero and really shine through.