Pride Stamp (2021)

When we were asked to design a stamp to celebrate Pride, we began by looking at the history of the movement. It was inspiring that a protest born struggle had evolved into a celebration of diversity, emerging from the shadows to take place in the most iconic of city locations. We were drawn to the visual vibrancy of the flags floating through Dublin’s streets, thousands marching together with handcrafted posters, placards and banners. We felt compelled to focus on the flag as a universal symbol for Pride. The layered visuals symbolise the excitement of waving flags floating through the city. Their flowing form gives a sense of dynamism and vitality to the stamp. 

It was important to both our studio and An Post, that the final stamp design truly connected with the LGBTQ+ community. We hosted a workshop with representatives of Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride, TENI and Dundalk Outcomers. Following these discussions, it was clear that the word ‘Pride’ needed to be fore-fronted, the message of the stamp needed to be out and proud. A bold and characterful typeface was chosen for ‘Pride/Bród’ to reflect the confidence of the movement and acknowledge the poignancy of that sentiment for the LGBTQ+ community.