Probe: Research uncovered at Trinity College Dublin


Designed by Sinéad Foley at Science Gallery Dublin

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

'Probe' is an annual event which is part of EU Researchers night. Its sole aim is to highlight how significant research is in order to help solve global issues. The objective of Probe was to provide the opportunity for visitors to explore each of the policy priorities observed for 'Europe 2020' with a multidisciplinary cohort of Irish researchers.

Two sets of language were created to give people a visual insight to the event. The first set contains 7 different photographic depictions of the prominent societal issues that ‘Horizon 2020’ use as the framework where challenge and change are concerned i.e. 1. Health 2. Sustainable agriculture 3. Clean and efficient energy 4. Smart, green and integrated transport 5. Climate action 6. Security and protecting freedom 7. Europe in an ever-changing world (innovative societies). The brand identity revolves around a visual example of each topic.

The second language set is a bit more abstract. A pattern of 12 shapes was created to mark each individual location on campus where various activities were held. Each pattern consists of 7 component strands, reflecting on Horizon 2020’s policy priorities.

The overall language for the event between written, verbal and visual were tied together with a comprehensively upbeat and playful tone to appeal to such a broad dynamic of people.