PVA Website


Designed by David Smith and Kate McCauley at Atelier David Smith

Client: Adrian Duncan, Paper Visual Art

Developer: Ian Maleney

Categories: Website / Screen

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography / Digital / Interactive

Website: papervisualart.com/

Publisher, PVA commissioned us to produce the next iteration of their website.

Between Paper Visual Art journal and other PVA publications, our client had an extensive back catalogue and publishing programme that required ‘omnichannel’ access.

A significant aspect of the site’s design is to prioritise the ‘reader’ – long-form essays and interviews are made available to be read online. As such, typographic detail and control are implemented to ensure enhanced legibility. These long-form pieces are available for a limited time and are regularly updated. The typographic styles and combinations lean heavily upon the print version of Paper Visual Art journal.

After over a decade of publishing, PVA also wanted to build and host an ‘online archive’ of the pieces that had previously appeared in Paper Visual Art journal. This archive (which is constantly being added to) is primarily text-based. It can be viewed in ‘list’ or ‘grid’ mode. Visually it provides a more ‘authoritative’ counterpoint to the editorial quality of the ‘long-form’ essays and interviews, which often feature significant illustrations.

Finally, the Shop section of the website, with its generous reproductions of all/most PVA publications, is intended to serve and grow PVA’s international audience.