Rachel Khoo Website


Designed by Emma Wilson at Slater Design

Web Development: Thought Collective

Motion Graphics: Aisling Murphy

Copy: Spaghetti Head

Categories: Website

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Digital

Website: rachelkhoo.com

We were tasked with designing a new website for renowned chef, television personality and all-round multi-talented bon vivant, Rachel Khoo.

Having worked on the design of her previous website in 2014, Rachel got in touch to see if we would have another crack at it! In the time that has passed since the initial design, Rachel’s career has skyrocketed, seeing her step into many professional arenas in front of and behind the camera, in kitchens and on podcasts, writing several books in the process. She wanted the website to reflect her wealth of skills and experience for prospective clients, showcasing the many hats she wears as a creative force while also providing information and inspiration for the foodies and fans she engages with daily. In the early phases we decided that we would look at Rachel's brand and site holistically, developing a new suite of brand assets in the process. 

Rachel is a unique personality and has a visual and culinary style all her own and energy that fans know and love her for. We wanted to accentuate these features and present them in a new way that could communicate to both audiences seamlessly while truly representing who she is and what her brand represents today. Taking inspiration from French embroidery, vintage typography, and all things curious and kitsch, we developed a playful visual language for the site that reflects Rachel’s work, personality and style.