Real World Analytics


Designed by Andrew Blood at Principle

Brand Strategy: Jacqueline McCann/Principle

Verbal Brand: Gillian Colhoun

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Real World is Ireland's most innovative retail data solutions agency. Looking to reposition themselves, Principle was asked to assist them in the company’s rebranding. The objective was to help Real World align their vision and essence with an identity that would encapsulate their true purpose - the creation of an empowered world of data-driven decision makers, each one capable of igniting the potential within their brand.

Real World’s proposition appeals to a variety of retailers and the identity had to reflect their dynamic, innovative and, as we found out in discovery, their very curious nature. By focusing on this trait, we designed a brand system that encompassed a broad visual and verbal identity, expressed across a suite of printed and online communication within the customer proposition - Ignite Potential.