Rebranding project for AKGraphics

We worked with Grandson Design Studio on a rebranding project for AKGraphics. This was a total brand overhaul – including name change, logo update, new brand guidelines and updated tagline.

We decided to collaborate with another agency as we wanted to be challenged in our approach to this project. We maintained a great deal of input in terms of design direction but having an external agency brought fresh insight and style.  

The identity system of anne+co. is more than just a logo. It is a combination of various elements all coming together to communicate a premium and progressive design agency.

Our new name (anne+co.) captures the personality of the brand – open and friendly. It better illustrates our service offering and repositions the brand as a multidisplinary digital agency who are not only experts in design but also offer a broader digital marketing and web design service offering. This was communicated in the slogan ‘all things considered’ 

The anne+co. logotype is the most prominent element of the identity. It’s purely typographic. Each individual letter has been kerned and positioned carefully to ensure balance between each character.

Aktiv Grotesk was chosen as the core typeface because of its authoritative but neutral tone. It is a flexible and diverse font family that strongly supports the brand messaging without being overpowering. It can be used across various formats and copy lengths.

The slogan ‘all things considered’ is central to the new brand personality. It will be used across all communications to convey an approachable professionalism. The simple, conversational tone means it can be used no matter the output. It reflects the idea that the agency takes everything into account and is considerate and meticulous. It can be easily adapted for specific messages or highlighting a service area e.g website, editorial or branding.

The updated identity system for anne+co. includes a distinct five colour palette with the primary colours being navy and orange, and secondary colours including cream, blue and nude.

Designed by Jake Heavey and Killian Walsh at Grandson Design Studio and Anne Kelly, Paul Devereux, Emilia Kleczko, Ciara Curtin and Eimear Malone at AKGraphics