Reflections On

2018 Selection

Designed by John-Paul Dowling, Conor Foran, Matthew Dillon and Sarah O'Neill at National College of Art and Design

UCD Creative Direction: Prof. Hugh Campbell

NCAD Creative Direction: John Paul Dowling

UCD Academic Team: Michael Pike

UCD Academic Team: Emmett Scanlon

UCD Academic Team: Shane O'Toole

UCD Guest Lecturer: Astrid Bornheim

UCD Guest Lecturer: Prof. Jan R. Krause

UCD Guest Lecturer: Conor Nolan

UCD Student: Murtada Almohsen

UCD Student: Ozan Balcik

UCD Student: Nicola Blake

UCD Student: Bing Chen

UCD Student: Nicholas Cunningham

UCD Student: Laura Doyle

UCD Student: Conor English

UCD Student: Cameron Folens

UCD Student: Stephen Gotting

UCD Student: Alanna Holmes

UCD Student: Edward Horan

UCD Student: Sadhbh Hynes

UCD Student: Mark Kavanagh

UCD Student: Ferdia Kenny

UCD Student: Chloe Loh

UCD Student: Liam Naessens

UCD Student: Susan Nakazibwe

UCD Student: Cian Neville

UCD Student: Luke O'Neill

UCD Student: Janice Po

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Architecture / Ncad / Venice / Freespace / Biennale / Architettura / Ucd


REFLECTIONS ON focuses on how a space can change state through unintentional interactivity. This may come about through the interaction of the space with time, nature and/or people.

This exhibition comprises a series of episodes shot by final-year architecture students at University College Dublin in collaboration with communication designers at National College of Art and Design, Dublin. As the participants approach the end of their time as students, they occupy the edge territory between education and practice. As individual fragments, the videos have become musings and reflections on this condition, mapping their positions relative to the culture and practice of architecture. Some of the films captured the ethereal qualities of everyday encounters, foregrounding the incidental and trusting in chance. Whilst others document our experiments in critical discourse, testing methods of collective action to question accepted institutional and societal norms.

Each film responded to the question ‘What can you do to make a (free)space undergo change?’, as a starting point, documenting spaces before and after our own interventions. The films thus engage with the transformative potential of space, and are a series of reflections on the ability of space to contain memory, free thinking and generosity but also resistance in the face of inherited social structures. Film as a medium allowed us to document the environments and situations around us that evoked specific aspects of space, time, existence.

The resultant works are neither generic nor specific: they explore without confirming any definitive agenda. Overall they share an ambiguous mood, slipping between anxiety and optimism, they betray our collective reflection on our position at the threshold between education and practice.

This interactive digital presence was created for the Time Space Existence exhibition at the European Cultural Centre during The Biennale Architettura 2018, FREESPACE, Venice, Italy.