Remember the Rainbow


Designed by Chris Flynn, Gavin Feiritéar and Emily Blaney at In the Company of Huskies

Creative direction: Damian Hanley

Sound design: Rob Flynn

Categories: Website / Print / Moving Image / Screen

Industry: Charitable


We set up a new campaign with Belong To Youth Services - the Irish charity supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans young people in Ireland - to help primary school children learn the colours of the rainbow while spreading a message of inclusion and diversity. Research from the charity itself revealed that 73% of LGBTI students in Ireland don't feel safe at school, and with a rainbow in every classroom we saw an opportunity to deliver an important message.

The rainbow is a powerful symbol of respect and equality around the world. Yet for decades, the most common way kids memorise the colours of the rainbow is the mnemonic Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain or Roy G. Biv. We came up with a new mnemonic with a positive message: Respect Others. You Grow By Including Variety.

We developed a fun educational video, website and resource materials for schools. Initially scheduled to launch in schools term, the campaign’s course was delayed due to the pandemic. The video is hosted on a separate website - - where people can watch it and download fun educational materials, teacher packs as well as entertaining activities for children. Teachers around the country have since adopted the of these worksheets to help initiate conversations about caring and respecting others.