Renegade Rum: Pre-Cask Packaging


Designed by John Gavin and Leon Murphy at TrueOutput:

Categories: Print / Identity / Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Renegade Rum is a ground breaking project based on the Island of Grenada in the Caribbean. After the reintroduction of Sugar Cane farming and completion of the bespoke distillery on the island they were ready to release their first expressions of this ultra provenance rum. Pre-Cask is straight from the distillation process without any ageing in casks. The objective is to demonstrate the quality of the spirit and all the subtle nuances of each farms ‘terroir’ evident in each bottling. 

The design brief was to capture the essence of Grenada, to avoid the common cliches found in rum branding and to place this as a phase one of a bigger project. 

We took inspiration from the island's painted buildings and distinguished each farm with its own colour palette. The bottle shape hints at the volcanic origins of the island and the glass stopper picks up an accent from the label colour. The labels were printed on recycled cane fibre stock using vibrant Pantones and finished with foiled lettering. 

The outer carton samples colours from each farm and the illustration evokes the terrain and tropical environment of Grenada.

The Rum was initially launched in France and was featured in stores across Paris.