Rethink Ireland Website


Designed by David Stanley and Alessandra Ravida at Red Dog

Web Development: David Stanley

Categories: Website / Identity

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Digital / Website


Having worked with us in their previous guise as Social Innovation Fund Ireland, the recently renamed Rethink Ireland presented us with the challenge of designing their new website. While a website can have multiple functions, the primary one for Rethink Ireland is to demonstrate the scale of their social innovation ambitions, while conveying the spirit of support, progression and innovation that runs through the organisation. 

Rethink Ireland’s website is its shop window, providing an opportunity to communicate a powerful message about innovation - and we wanted to capture the audience’s imagination, connecting with them emotionally.

The best way to connect to users emotionally was to present Rethink Ireland’s work and the impact they have with photography from their projects.

Like the organisation, their visual language is dynamic so being able to bring their visual language alive through motion conveys that sense of ever-changing innovation. This use of motion was paired with arresting and striking typographic messaging. In terms of colour, we focused on considerations around accessibility and the bold use of Rethink Ireland’s yellow and slate, being careful not to hinder users perception and ability to digest the information. In addition to this, we were ever-cognisant about striking a balance in presenting a strong, impactful expression of the Rethink Ireland brand through a fresh and clean experience that doesn’t overwhelm users.