2022 Selection

Designed by Sinéad McAleer at Slater Design

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial


Eddie Rocket’s approached us last year with a very interesting new venture. They planned to open a fast-casual sub-brand of their well known and much loved restaurant Eddie Rocket’s. They wanted this restaurant to have a more contemporary feel, and tasked us with generating a name, and creating the brand, packaging, signage and online presence.

The name ‘Rocket’s’ worked, as this restaurant concept was to be essentially an abbreviated form of Eddie Rocket’s. We were conscious that Eddie Rocket’s is known its tongue in cheek tone of voice almost as much as it is for its hamburgers, and so felt that a strong brand personality was essential for Rocket’s. This tone of voice in combined a distinctive illustration style, bold colours and typography, helped to create a restaurant concept that nods to it’s Eddie Rocket’s heritage, while standing strong on its own.

Another important factor was that Rocket’s needed to be portable, able to adapt to any size restaurant footprint or location. As such we created a number of permanent and temporary brand elements, ensuring each unit would have its own personality, while remaining recognisable as being part of the Rocket’s family. To date we have rolled out five units, each with it’s own unique elements, making each visit a memorable one.