Rory McIlroy (2012)

2012 Selection

Designed by Stephen Kiernan and Paola Beas at Atomic

Web Development: X Communications

Photography: Collin Hughes

Categories: Identity / Website

Tags: Sport


Branding design and website for former World Number One golfer Rory McIlroy. Atomic was tasked with getting fans closer to the world's most exciting golfer and giving them an exclusive insight into his life on and off the course. Our creative concept presented the real Rory; rapidly becoming the world's most popular golfer.

We created an unadorned visual style for Rory and produced imagery and content that captures his raw essence: no hair and make up, no crew, no setups. Just the way Rory wanted it and the way we love doing it. Our solution is un-engineered, real and a means to bring lovers of the game closer to their hero.