RTÉ 1916

2016 Selection

Designed by Paul Gibney

Programme design: aad.

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Website: vimeo.com/160748269

Identity for all of RTÉ’s 1916 centenary output and event coverage. An identity system that provided the tools to present RTÉ 1916 on

all platforms. 1916 Centenary was the most important event RTÉ was involved in in a generation. The solution needed to engage with

a diverse audience. It had to consider RTÉ’s needs for this event and supply the foundation for a single voice. A balance had to be stuck between the commemorative and celebrative aspects of the anniversary. It needed to be be reproducible across all media. The identity was used on all TV stings, promotions wrappings & end boards. Across all digital platforms and applications. The identity was used on all promotional and communication materials, and all public events and celebrations. RTÉ required something that felt modern and relevant, while reflecting their history and archive at the same time. Helping to move RTÉ forward as an Irish cultural touchstone and reinforce it's commitment to quality.