RTÉ Comedy Bites Idents

2015 Selection

Designed by Marcus Swan at RTÉ Digital

Title animation: Úna Curran

Categories: Promotional / Identity

Industry: Commercial

RTÉ Comedy Bites is a series of comedy shorts and sketches on the RTÉ Player and Youtube. The main identity logo was based on emoji – the C and B of Comedy Bites turned 90º forming the eyes and smile of a basic emoji character.

This offered a range of uses and expressions for the various types and styles of short being produced and to visually represent the different types of comedy on offer. This also also allowed a bubbly and kinetic feel to stings, title-cards and other animation. The language and tone of voice used (e.g. ‘new LOLs’) added to the ‘short and sharp’ feel of both the text message aesthetic and the short nature of the sketches.

Underlying all this was a simple but robust typographic hierarchy that would across multiple screen sizes and ratios, and a bright but minimal colour palette. The identity was rounded off with a custom version of Deckard by Bobby Tannam – called Deckard Comedy – that used a single-story ‘a’ and extended ‘l’ for a rounder and softer feeling.