RTÉ Endboard

The brief was to redesign the RTÉ television endboard, a vital piece of communication that appears at the end of all programming on broadcast and online which contains all the legal copyright information.

The design would need fit across all programming strands, from the Six-One news to the Republic of Telly, housing the multitude of existing variations of the endboards - text only, text with a logo, multiple production houses or funding organisations and so on. It would need be able to expand with new options as they arise and to maintain a unifying house style.

Fitting across so many different types of programmes we went for a classic look. Due to it's regular appearance subtlety was key, as was the nod to the new RTÉ corporate colours.

Due to the volume of endboards being produced in-house we wanted to create an endboard that the production houses could build. While this reduced the animation options available the restrictions made for a cleaner solution.

For end product the user updates a single photoshop file which is faded up, with provided timings, over a prerendered movie file. All are available for download.

The project has been successful running throughout 2015.