Rudolf Heltzel Website (2014)

2014 Selection

Designed by Colm McCarthy

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural


Rudolf Heltzel, originally from Berlin, was invited to Ireland in 1966 by an Córas Tráchtála, the Irish Export Board. He set up and led the trail-blazing gold and silver studio-workshops at the government sponsored Kilkenny Design Workshops. In 1968 he established his own workshop in Kilkenny where he, his son Christopher and their employees and apprentices still work today.

Christopher wanted to display selected works of this unique workshop online in a functional way that could adapt to devices of any screen size. I created a website which integrates a simple user-friendly grid system. The aim of this is to provide clarity for the user and to keep their focus on the distinctive Rudolf Heltzel works regardless of what device they are using.