Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Designed by Tomás Ashe at RichardsDee

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Constructed during the 13th century, the Cathedral stands on a site associated with Saint Patrick from ancient times. It is filled with items of immense interest and historic value. It houses a permanent exhibition that includes early editions of the works of Jonathan Swift, the Cathedral’s renowned Dean, along with his famous death mask. Many tombs, commemorative plaques and stained-glass windows grace the Gothic interior and bear witness to Ireland’s heritage and history.

Our ultimate objective was to reinvigorate the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral communication style to tell their story in a way that connects better with the community and visitors. We focused on bringing the inside out and taking inspiration from within the building.

The identity consists of a more simplified image of Saint Patrick and craft orientated word mark. Saint Patrick is brought to the forefront of the identity and sits proudly over the typeface. We reused the graphic patterns from the tiles and turned them into graphic windows that reveal the unexpected beauty inside.

The new look and feel showcases how much the cathedral has to offer for visitors and reflects the craft and unexpected beauty within.