Salute Women

2019 Selection

Designed by Patrick Horan

Project Co-Ordinator: Alice McLoughlin

Project Co-Ordinator: Laurence Byrne

Project Co-Ordinator: Jessie DeBoe

Categories: Promotional / Identity / Moving Image

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Illustration


With gender equality a battle that needs to be fought on many fronts, Salute Women was set up to make an international impact that revolved around a simple idea that helped create momentum and build awareness towards International Women’s Day 2019.

The idea started with a simple three-finger W Salute to Women - inspired by the iconic two-finger symbol for peace reimagined for a 21st Century cause. The design for this icon is kept to a simple shape, accompanied by a bold colour palette which is used to create a wide range of informational posts online.

This overall look and feel to the identity design helped create an instantly recognisable salute while also allowing other creatives to re-create and share their own W Salute to Women across their social channels.

The Salute Women team asked fellow designers, illustrators and photographers to reach out across their individual networks to build an extensive one where everyone took to social media and shared their W with the world on the morning of Friday, March 8th.

Many GIFs and animated stickers were also created to help reach across story channels and help elevate the messaging that is being sent out to friends and family. These artists also shared their thoughts to the Salute Women team which developed into a suite of interviews.

We received over 130 contributions in just 5 days from artists stretching from Dublin to New York to Australia featuring original artworks from numerous Irish creatives by the likes of Annie Atkins, Steve Simpson, Aoife Dooley, and Jacky Sheridan and many more from across the globe.

(A full list of the participants are credited in the Instagram URL link provided).