Samsung Galaxy S8

2017 Selection

Designed by Ken Deegan and Jack Collins at Pentagram

Partner In Charge: Eddie Opara

Designer: Brankica Harvey

Designer: Pedro Mendes

Designer: Paul Yoon

Final Designs: UX Design Group 1, UX Innovation Team, Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics

Lauren Coleman: Photography

Categories: Website

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Digital / Typography

Design of a custom iconographic system and typeface for the launch of Samsung Mobile’s flagship products the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Pentagram collaborated with the Samsung Innovation Team on the design of a new iconographic framework for their range of smartphones. Named “Light&Line,” this system draws from the elegant design of the S8 and its innovative Infinity Display (the biggest screen ever seen on a mobile device of this size.) The icons and typeface reference the smooth curvature of the phone and are drawn in a single expressive line. An underlying grid structure gives consistency and guidance in introducing breaks and curves that help abstract the forms. Incorporating simplicity, perception and movement, the approach renders the graphic elements in interesting and unexpected paths that suggest light playing across an object.

The system also includes the “container” – a graphic shape that accommodates the icons – with curvature based on the phone, and is a derivative of the tittle from the ‘i’ of the Samsung One font originally designed by Neville Brody. Final work on the product was designed and developed by UX Design Group 1, UX Innovation Team, Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics.