San Rocco: Book of Copies (2013)

2013 Selection

Designed by Wayne Daly at AA Print Studio

Art Director: Zak Kyes

Printer: Aquatint BSC

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

For this exhibition at the Architectural Association, numerous figures from the architecture world were invited to submit photocopied images which conform to an architectural ‘type’ (e.g. Highways, Churches, Tunnels, Brothels etc), building a new body of knowledge around the understanding of architectural classification. Stacks of these photocopies were displayed on a custom-made shelf, occupying the length of the gallery. Visitors could then freely select any amount and combination of the copies, to make their own books, using the supplied photocopiers and heavy-duty hole-punchers. The AA’s usual exhibition guide format – an A2 poster folded to A4 – was adapted to double as a cover for these books. Acco fasteners were provided to bind the sheets to the cover.