Saorview Connect


Designed by Scott Burnett, Kevin Horan, Rory Bradley, Brian Heffernan, Stacie Heffernan and Eric Stynes at Aad

Illustration and Animation: Ronan McMeel

Sound Design: George Brennan

Categories: Promotional / Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Campaign / Illustration


Saorview is Ireland’s free-to-air national digital television service. We worked with them to help them launch a major new product – Saorview Connect. The new internet connected product offers customers a new way to enjoy free TV. Adding on-demand services to their core offering, providing an easy to use, intuitive user interface and a range of features that help people watch TV their way.

The nature of the new product represented a substantial strategic and market shift for the brand. While our previous strategic and rebranding work paved the way for this work there were still several core challenges. Such a substantial shift in the offering meant that new product had to be credible with instantly clear benefits as well dynamic, modern and different. We also had to help them move from a single simple offer to a growing ecosystem of services, showing how they relate to each other while also being able to focus people on their intrinsic value.

We started by reworking the information, brand and site architecture to make sure how everything worked and fitted together was intuitive. We used this structure to map out all messages and interactions across a wide range of touchpoints – packaging, advertising, point of sale, digital, broadcast and social. This allowed us to develop a modular content package in collaboration with animator Ronan McMeel. Building on the simple graphic style of the overall brand with a focus on the product and user experience. To bring cohesion through the whole user experience we also designed a thoughtful unboxing, friendly set up guide, customised the interface and created a series of easy to follow help films.