Saorview Motion Pack


Designed by Scott Burnett and Rory Bradley at Aad

Animation: Alex Bradley

Animation: Rory Bradley

Music and sound design: George Brennan

Voice over: Bryan Quinn

Illustration: Johnny Kelly

Categories: Moving Image

Industry: Commercial

Tags: System


At the heart of the Saorview rebrand was a modular package of dynamic content. These animated icons can be utilised to tackle a variety of subjects while always building the core brand and doing so in an economical way.

These elements were used to good effect across a number of campaigns this year. From brand building films across social channels to TV ads tackling specific messages such as ‘Why Pay’ and even letting customers know that Saorview needs to be plugged into an aerial.

The animated icons, along with a standardised set of brand elements and messages [logo animation / Love TV, Love Saorview system] allow for great flexibility while also being highly recognisable and very different from Saorview’s competitors as well as most ads on TV.