Scene + Heard: Festival of New Work

2020 Selection

Designed by Ste Murray (Freelance) with Ste Murray | Photography & Design

Illustration: Kyle Cheldon Barnett

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster / Film / Illustration / Art direction / Festival / Theatre / Art / Visual Communications / Arts

The annual Scene + Heard Festival at Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin is a showcase of new performance work. The design brief calls for a need to compliment and build on previous years’ editions, while giving this year it's own identity. A balance between continuity + distinction.

Central to this year's design is a layered illustration by artist Kyle Cheldon Barnett. The single-line doodle picks up on the core themes of imagination and ideas, and is used with the festival’s double taglines 'Imagination is the Beginning' and 'Live Out Loud'.

The design acts as a frame for the printed festival collateral (booklet, flyers, beermats, badges and T-Shirts) as well as online in promotional material for the 3 week festival.