Screen Ireland — Branding & Design System


Designed by Barry Smith at Boys and Girls

3D Motion Designer: Mario Domingos

Junior Designer: Nadine Kennedy

Copywriter: Kris Clarkin

Brand Strategy: Aoife Murphy

Categories: Promotional / Print / Identity / Moving Image / Social Media

Industry: Civic

Tags: Film / Rebrand / System / Branding / Identity / Motion / Arts / Motion Design / Brand Identity / Design / Brand / Content Marketing / Brand application / Brand identity

Screen Ireland are the national development agency for the Irish film, television and animation industry. They develop, produce and promote world-class creative screen content that represents, influences and shapes Irish culture.

Screen Ireland actively showcases the collective talent, passion and ambition the industry has for storytelling by helping to make stories to move the world. A unifying brand platform was created to position Screen Ireland as being ‘For the Story Makers’, while a cohesive and powerful brand design system was developed to showcase film, television and content projects at all stages of production.

The original concept of the brand mark consists of four screens representing four eras of film — the past, present, future and constant. The brand identity was refreshed to make it the central nexus of the new brand identity system.

To do this, the four screens of the logo were separated and lined up to create unique film strips called ‘The Storyline’. This irregular arrangement then informs both the underlying grids and the motion guides. However, the ultimate expression of the brand is as physical objects with the screens being realised in 3D as rich, dynamic, glass objects.

Hero idents were created in which the Storylines bend and twist through a virtual cinema space with dust floating through dancing projector lights. These appear either before or after Irish theatrical releases for film and television respectively.

The screens of the Storylines can be left as beautiful, abstract objects reflecting and refracting the colours of the spaces they inhabit. But, they can also act as dynamic vessels for content holding imagery and video from the vast range of Irish film and television productions.

A dynamic brand system with the Storylines at its very core was developed to ensure that Screen Ireland can communicate effectively and consistently. A digital brand hub was built allowing instant access to brand guidelines and associated brand assets in one interactive online space.