Screen Leaders brand


Designed by Scott Burnett and Rory Bradley at Aad

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Film

Screen Leaders is an annual initiative from Screen Training Ireland. Working with owners and leaders from 8–10 companies who are at a key point in their development, ready to enter the next chapter of their business. They provide an intensive, hands-on course over a 6 month period, looking at the whole picture of each individual business, resulting in a bespoke strategic and financial plan for growth.

Their objective was to rebrand the initiative to better reflect the creative, dynamic and evolving nature of the industry and also the level and energy of the participants. It needed to be simple, clean and effective, standing out in national and International marketplaces.

We helped clarify their core idea which is about vision – providing the space to establish it, developing a strategy to deliver it, with a view that is both across the supply chain and future focused. We developed an identity that builds on this and allowed us to talk about both the business and creative aspects.

The logo is a geometric eye made of a diamond framed by two arrows. An animated version of the logo allowed us to highlight the evolving nature of the screen industries in a way that is relevant to the audience. The brand assets allow us to convey the more abstract aspects of the initiative as well as focusing on the mentors and previous participants. Strong and direct language appeals to the ambition of the audience.