Seaweed & Saltwater — Branding


Designed by Barry Smith at Boys and Girls

Photography: Niall Meehan, Sea Studio

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Poster / Typography / Digital / Art direction / Retail / Advertising / Logo / Branding / Identity / Travel and Tourism / Brand Identity / Logo Design / Design / Logomark / Logotype

Seaweed & Saltwater is an iconic new lifestyle brand offering a range of premium oceanside holiday destinations with a premium aesthetic rooted in quality, tradition and craft. Aimed at those who love the wild, coastal outdoors, the brand’s personality encapsulates the experience of being in nature and by the sea.

The evocative name of Seaweed & Saltwater instantly transports us to the seaside. The alliteration of the ‘S’ and ‘W’ characters in each of the two words means the name is a joy to say while the repetition of these sounds and letterforms makes the name itself truly memorable.

A characterful, organic but elegant typographic identity was developed for the brand. The sweeping ‘S’ letterforms were customised to flow into one another as a contemporary ambigram while a broad suite of supporting brand elements including stamps and patterns were also created to allow the brand to live everywhere.

The holiday rental properties offered by Seaweed & Saltwater are stunning examples of contemporary architecture located in stunning coastal locales around Ireland. Their interiors have been carefully curated with a restrained touch and are filled with beautiful branded products that are available for visitors to own.

The Seaweed & Saltwater brand embodies a coastal lifestyle that can be taken from the rental properties or purchased from their website and brought to customers’ homes far away from the sea. The application of the brand uses a similar restrained approach to create a premium feel across all touch-points from its online presence to its range of luxury branded products.