SEI Awards 2014

Designed by Stephen Smith at Bossanova

Photographer: Larry McMahon

Categories: Print / Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

The theme of the SEI Awards 2014 booklet and all supporting material was ‘Celebrating 10 years. 179 social entrepreneurs’. The aim was to celebrate the journey so far and look forward to the next 10 years with optimism and positivity.

The booklet cover leads with the number 10 with the zero being made up of 10 concentric circles. Each circle represents each of the 10 years, reinforcing the theme and creating a strong iconic symbol. The social entrepreneurs awarded each year for their contribution to Irish society are represented in yellow, 179 in total. A clear foil block finish was used to further highlight this.

A coherent typographic system helped to separate out information for each project.

Photoshoot concept was art-directed to complement the theme. Each awardee with their very own vision, ready to shine a light on a new way of tackling even the most entrenched social problems.

Other collateral included invitations, posters, t-shirts and social media.