Sheen Lane London (2015)

Designed by Stephen Kiernan and Eamonn Hall at Atomic

Photography: Kieran O'Donoghue

Categories: Identity / Print

Industry: Commercial


Sheen Lane is an Irish owned development company operating in London. They specialise in creating exquisite, intimate developments in the most desirable and premium locations in the UK. They believe in premium build quality, energy efficiency and style and every element of a Sheen Lane home is carefully considered in order to provide an unparalleled and exceptional experience.

We created a mark, a website and a suite of printed assets, all of which allowed the client to communicate their message of refined luxury. We used a minimal black and gold colour palette throughout, gold foil on printed items and commissioned a suite of lifestyle photography. The mark itself is inspired by the gable ends of Tudor houses which can be found throughout Sheen Lane.