SIFI Annual Report 2017


Designed by Kim Robinson at Red Dog

Categories: Print

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Annual report

The Social Innovation Fund Ireland (SIFI) is an organisation which has the nurturing of great ideas at it’s core. They believe that people and communities throughout Ireland have invented creative solutions to some of our most critical social issues and SIFI will offer them support to continue their work.

The object of 2017 Annual report was to capture the SIFI’s success and reflect their ambition for the future. We took the limited colour palette of yellow and black, and geometric shapes from the identity and used them throughout the report, creating a balance between the order required for growth, and the chaos that innovation thrives on. The publication is set up smaller than the average annual report (170x240mm) and this size helps it to stand out. We introduced the typeface NN Ernesto for headlines, chosen for it’s distinctive geometric angles that complement the design.