Sinéad Burke

In 2019, we had the wonderful opportunity to work with Sinéad Burke to create a personal brand identity. Sinéad is an academic, writer, teacher and advocate. She consults within the fashion, architecture, technology and design industries to ensure that spaces and products are accessible to all.

Her personal brand has grown over the past number of years; while gracing the cover of British Vogue, joining President Michael D.Higgins’ Council of State and launching her podcast ‘As me with Sinéad’. It was time for a visual identity that matched her kindness and her assured approach to the work that needs to be done.

The logo is inspired by Sinéad, mostly by her confident, powerful message and warm personality. Hand-lettered lines flow from character to character; the linking of these letter forms are a visual representation of Sinead’s connection to people, to a cause and the way she elegantly and powerfully communicates her message.

The logo is brought to life across a suite of stationery, her website and newsletter that connect her to the audience.