Sister, Mother, Goddess


Designed by NatalieB Coleman and Rachel Broaders

Art Director & Lead Designer: Natalie B Coleman

Illustration Design: Rachel Broaders

Photographer: Bríd O Donovan

Creative Consultant: Aisling Farinella

Photography Assistant: Melanie Mullan

Styling Assistant: Hannah Monaghan

Intern: Una Curran

Intern: Shane Nolan

Intern: Lia Cowan

Makeup: Sarah Lanagan

Nails: Kate O'Brien @ Tropical Popical

Hair: Ronan Patterson @ The Face Galway

Categories: Other

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Illustration / Fashion / Art / Print / Design / Gender equality / Creative Ireland

This collection entitled Sister, Mother, Goddess by Natalie B Coleman is a celestial celebration of women heralding their diverse achievements, multi-faceted talents, different bodies, sexuality and strength. The message is that there is a goddess in every woman and it’s time to celebrate it. 

The unique, illustrated pattern designs are inspired by the three Goddess’ Artemis, Persephone and Hera, representing sexuality, fertility, strength and divine feminine energy. The patterns are first digitally printed onto silk fabrics, then used to create the garments.

The silver and pink Artemis dress is inspired by the goddess of the hunt, moon and fertility, also known as Diana. The bright energetic pinks and reds in combination with the chiselled, sharp-tongued typography create a sense of power and assurance.

Inspired by the maiden and queen of the underworld, the second pattern is dark and sophisticated to represent the goddess Persephone. With its own illustrated print of intertwined female bodies and circular ruching detail, the Persephone dress is an expression of deep, intensely sensual energy.

Hera, goddess of women, marriage, family and childbirth shines through in a repeated print of the trinity childbirth pose. The deep purples and elegant form lend a sense of power, grace and mysticism to this dress. 

Unique prints for limited edition pattered silk scarves were also designed as part of the collection, and showcase the goddess’ in a flurry of ecstatic colour, beauty and joy. These are digitally printed onto silk fabrics and cut down to size, to create the finished pieces.