Designed by Brian Mac Rory

Web Developer: Alex Lewis

Photographer: Stephen Wells

Fitout: Mastudio

Creative Direction: Asher Walker

Categories: Promotional / Website / Environmental / Print / Identity / Packaging / Signage / Experience / Social Media

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Food and drink / Restaurant / Signage / Brand Identity


SLABS is a Detroit style slice pizza parlour in the heart of Onehunga, Auckland. Serving large square pizzas and slices with big bold flavours. 

Pizza is a serious business but we wanted to show the playful personality of the store. With a bright colour palette, blocky wordmark and simple patterns we created a brand that showed sometimes it's hip to be square.

Staying square was our aim in the brand. Using a big and bold typeface, we represented the square slices served up in SLABS. This was paired with patterns based on the ingredients but reduced to their simplified square form.