Smock Allies: Scene + Heard

In Smock Alley Theatre, a new festival of new work is born.

'Smock Allies: Scene + Heard' provides a chance for artists to test an excerpt of previously unseen work + ideas in front of a live audience in order to get feedback, before mounting and staging full length productions.

As such, the brief called for a fresh identity that could work across all performance genres involved: Theatre+Music+Comedy+SpokenWord+Dance, as well as a logo that would symbolise 'The Artist' as the interstitial link between 'The Ally' (or Venue) and 'The Audience'; each one crucial in the making of the work.

An angle of 6° was adopted as a design rule across all material; a cheeky nod to the perceived separation between these 3 groups, when they are, in fact, much closer than they might think.

A funding video, festival brochure, and print collateral followed, incorporating with them the idea of encouraging a wide range of reactions to the art pieces. Along with this, an element of surprise + intrigue was emphasised across all print + web material.