Someone Like Me

2016 Selection

Designed by Paula McEntee at Red Dog

Illustrator : Margaux Carpentier

Categories: Print

Industry: Charitable

Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and suffering in the world’s poorest countries. Part of their work is to engage with a younger audience to show the work that Concern do and demonstrate that no matter what age you are, you can help make a difference to other people’s lives. Concern’s Active Citizenship Programme commissioned us to design a book aimed at children of a primary school age. The aim of the book is to engage children and give them an insight into what it’s like to live in Concern’s programme countries.

The stories are written for children to be able to read themselves, or have them read to them so we didn’t want the book to look too ‘academic’ or too ‘childish’. We commissioned Margaux Carpentier to help bring the stories to life. The illustrations help to set the scene from a geographic and cultural perspective, and complement the narrative, helping the reader to understand what children experience around the world.