Something in the Water — Digital Exhibition Identity

Something in the Water was an exhibition of motion graphics pieces from 8 artists, displayed on a huge screen along the Grand Canal, Dublin. Taking inspiration from the literary history of the canal, the exhibition identity came to life as the unfolded dust jacket of a book.

Research began by looking at the book covers of the 20th century Irish writers associated with the Canal, antique book shops from the area and other printed ephemera from the Canal’s rich literary history. From these, the typographic style was developed and crafted into the main exhibition title. 

The brand structure was based on the exhibition as a book — each individual piece is like a chapter of the same book. We made bespoke social media assets for each artist to share with their followers and direct them to the exhibition’s channels, website and the exhibition itself.

We created bookmarks with a QR code that were distributed in local bookshops. Turning the QR code on its side made it instantaneously decorative!