Sona Sadhbh

2020 Selection

Designed by Sarah O'Neill (Freelance)

Categories: Identity / Social Media

Industry: Self-initiated

Tags: Branding / Identity / Wellness


Sona Sadhbh is a Reiki company facilitating energy healing, relaxation and wellness. 

The brand was developed systematically, including identity, brand positioning and social media. While developing the brand it was important to incorporate a versatile design that will remain relevant to future business expansions in health and wellbeing. 

The identity is based on a colour system inspired by the 7 ‘Chakra’ colours, energy centres in the body that reiki practitioners link energetic and physical bodies with universal life-force energy. The accompanying logo was inspired by the most important source of energy – the sun. The colours and strong typographic approach is informed by the desire to stand out from competitors.