2022 Selection

Designed by Declan Stone and Garech Stone at The Stone Twins

Motion Design: NGL Motion

Sonic Identity: MassiveMusic

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Music / Typography / Digital / Art direction / Advertising


Songtradr is the world’s largest B2B music marketplace.

The rebrand and new slogan ‘Where Music Meets...’ signals that Songtradr is the place for creators and users of music.

The cornerstone of the new identity is the S-monogram, a logo that expands and dances to convey Songtradr’s growing catalog, products and services. It is dynamic, expressive and bold, just like Songtradr. Conceptually, the logo contains two arrows to symbolise the two sides of the Songtradr platform, such as artists connecting with brands.

Beyond the logo, a complete design system has been developed to express the brand through communications, marketing and products. New colours, typefaces, icons, images and other design assets work together to build a new expression for the Songtradr brand.