Sonja's Alpine Bakery (2011)

Sonja's Alpine Bakery is a small independent bakery specialising in some very typical specialities from towns and valleys in the Alps as well as a selection of baked goods which she grew up with in Switzerland.

Sonja approached us to create an identity that would celebrate her love of baking, the brief was open with only two requirements; to incorporate the ‘Swiss red’ as part of the branding colour palette and to have fun in the process. We felt the best way to show off Sonja’s talent was to have her bake her own logo! In order to complete the visual a generous slice was cut from the lemon tart (and quickly scoffed) This missing slice conveys both the quality of the produce and the alpine connection. We then created a suite of icons that would work as secondary branding elements to reinforce in a tongue-in-cheek manner the alpine/baking theme. The brand was then extended to both printing and online promotions including stationery, display stands, packaging and website.