Sons of Butchers Brand & Packaging


Designed by Emma Wilson at Slater Design

Serving Photography: Trevor Hart

Food Stylist: Johan Van Der Merwe

Props & Styling: Eleanor Harpur

Pack Photography: Simply Social

Web Development: Thought Collective

Printed Packaging: Priory Press

Categories: Website / Identity / Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Illustration / Digital / Food and drink / Art direction / Website / Packaging / Storytelling / Print / Visual Communications / Wellness / Environment / Brand Identity / Logo Design / Food / Web / Brand identity / Logotype


Irish butcher brothers with a family heritage spanning four generations, a keen eye on the future of the planet and changing attitudes to diet, wanted to create a new range of plant-based meat alternatives utilising their butchery expertise that would appeal to those who enjoy the flavours and textures of meat but want to indulge in it a little bit less often.

This new brand needed to celebrate the client’s heritage and skill in traditional meat butchery, while signalling the shift to plant-based in a way that would appeal to existing meat eaters, vegetarians/vegans, and the ever growing market of flexitarians alike. 

From Herds to Herbs

Firstly creating a name with a little nod and a wink that simply encapsulates the client's story, we developed an identity, packaging suite and a digital presence for Sons of Butchers that showcase their journey from herds to herbs, their love of the land, and their expertise as foodie masterminds.

Irishness and our natural landscape is something very much at the core of the brand, with our stellar reputation for good food and especially high-quality meat, we dialled up Irish cues in the illustrative elements, without leaning on cliché. The butcher brothers are shown on pack and in communications tending to the land that they've spent their lives working, and the product serving suggestions are shown proudly within the landscape, suggesting their plant-based origin.

The brand mark includes links to the butcher brother's family heritage with a contemporary nod to a heraldic crest and the acknowledgement of their four generations in the business.

Through tone of voice and creative use of language, we developed a suite of names for the product SKUs that would suggest their comparability to meat, with the same playful edge that is locked within the Sons of Butchers name- from Cheatballs, to Trick'n Strips and Bluff Burgers. 

An uncoated, natural-feeling finish was chosen for the product sleeves, the earthy texture suggesting the product origins.