Special Olympics

2019 Selection

Designed by Stephen Ledwidge, Jordan Huysmans, Tito Long and Sarah O'Neill at Zero-G

Illustration: Amy McGrath

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

In 2019 Special Olympics wanted to create a book that celebrated the work of the organisation and what they named the 'inclusion revolution'. The book was written by journalist Lawrence Downes, and over 50 chapters explored stories from a painful past, to the resilient individuals that have overcome hardships to shape the Special Olympics into the organisation it is today. The book is a triumphant celebration of a long and continuing journey towards a more inclusive society.

We worked with Case De Carlota, a Barcelona based design studio that are a team of diverse creatives, including creatives with autism and down syndrome, who created a hand-rendered typeface that was then used throughout the project. The book also features inclusion activities, illustrated by Amy McGrath, that showcased steps that people are taking across education, healthcare and communities to be more inclusive of those with intellectual disabilities.

The process was a highly collaborative effort and the result of many great people working in unison.