Spirit Posters

RD Culture:

Our culture is unique to us. It is built on the characteristics

of our team and their collective spirit which makes us who we are.

The Richards Dee Spirit Posters celebrate the culture of RD.

They represent how we think, work and the things we passionately believe in.

The Task:

Our team was asked to design posters against six categories:

1. The spirit of ambition

We are ambitious for clients, for brands, for ourselves and for the world.

2. The spirit of purpose

We design for purpose. Great ideas positively change the world, we create with meaning.

3. A curious spirit

We are curious and connected. We take initiative, challenge and grow together. Our experiences of the world informs our work.

4. The spirit of energy

It’s what makes the difference to the projects and the people we work with. We enjoy what we do, it shows and its infectious.

5. The spirit of life

We work hard, but believe in balance. We produce great work when we are healthy, happy, sociable and inspired.

6. Team spirit

Collaboration, honesty, partnership and teamwork are central to our approach.

How the posters work in our environment:

The brief to our team is ongoing, creating a changeable and flexible poster gallery working across all the floors of our new building. The posters change every 2/3 months with each floor holding a cyclical roster allowing everyone to take control of their working environment. The history of our flexible poster series is recorded in the RD Spirit posters book, which resides in our breakout areas.