Stage & Screen Ireland

Designed by David Smith and Peter McDonagh at Atelier David Smith

Project Editor: Ewa Senger

Development & Implementation: Joe Czucha

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Digital


Stage and Screen Design Ireland is a showcase and archive of stage and screen designers originally from or working in Ireland. It was designed as an online companion and extension of the printed showcase and directory Stage & Screen Design Ireland → Highlights 2007 – 2014.

While the publication highlights selected works and key designers, the website is a more comprehensive archive and record of activity — functioning as both a historical record and a practical, searchable database of current designers working in Irish Theatre, Film and Broadcast sectors.

Whether you want to find out who designed the costumes in a specific production of Macbeth, or you're interested in the broader work of a well-known designer, our priority was to ensure that the experience was "super-fast" enabling users ot find what they're looking for with instant searching and filters across a complex database of disciplines and productions.

As the supplied production images are of exceptionally high quality so we settled on an image-lead solution, taking cues from gallery and exhibition design, with a pared back typographic treatment reflective of the publications information structure.

We engineered a custom post architecture in the CMS to make it as easy as possible to upload and organise the content and ensure it is scalable for future growth. Of course, it's fully responsive too.